15 B2B Video Examples That Are Anything But Boring

by Katy French

Video is one of the most effective ways to communicate quickly and succinctly. In the B2B world, where everyone is short on time, it’s a particularly useful tool to tell a brand story. Unfortunately, although video is an exciting and dynamic medium, too many B2B videos are bland and basic. If you want to differentiate, you need a creative and memorable approach. But what does that look like in the wild? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite B2B video examples to show you how creative you can get—no matter how boring your product may be. 

15 Awesome B2B Video Examples

Whether you’re explaining your service, introducing a new product, or offering a peek behind your company walls, there are all sorts of ways you can incorporate video into your content strategy. We hope these awesome B2B video examples inspire you to turn on the camera (or turn to a video production team) to tell an interesting and engaging story. 

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1) My Shot + Your Illustration by Dropbox

In only 16 seconds, Dropbox turns heads with an exciting video to promote Dropbox Paper (a collaborative creation tool). The video really makes a splash thanks to its high energy, bright graphics, and upbeat music. Whereas so many B2B videos are boring, Dropbox turned a simple promo video into a bold and bright invitation to create with them.

2) BI vs. IT: The Struggle for Data Ends Now by Snowflake

Whether you want to make your viewer feel joy, curiosity, or desire, video is a great way to do it. (Find out more about the phenomena of emotional contagion and why watching video makes us feel strong emotions.) In the case of this Snowflake video, the brand uses humor to deliver its message. This spot pits two departments against each other in the most entertaining way. What can end the war between Business Intelligence and IT? Spoiler: Snowflake. 

3) Introducing the New SurveyMonkey by SurveyMonkey

You don’t need a whole cast and screenplay to create a strong B2B video. This example uses no VO—just slick 3D animations, kinetic movement, and energetic music to showcase how easy it is to use SurveyMonkey. Even though they’re not saying a word, their bubbly brand personality is clear from the first frame.

Tip: If you need to work on your own visual identity, use our brand identity toolkit to build a stronger brand.

4) Not To Scale by WorkingFrom_

Design is truly one of the best ways to differentiate your brand in everything from your website, to your sales collateral, to your videos. This piece from WorkingFrom_ is such a departure from so much of the B2B content we see. Its character animations make it playful, novel, and personable—the perfect vibe for an explainer video.

5) Airtable: Your All-in-One Production Kit by Airtable

Again, a simple demo video can be droll, but Airtable’s is anything but. Colorful motion graphics add a sense of energy, while seamless transitions navigate you through the platform easily. It’s the perfect pitch—in under 2 minutes. 

6) Connect Everything by Okta

You may not have the budget for multiple actors or flashy animations, but you don’t necessarily need to. This video by Okta proves the power of kinetic text. It’s a minimal treatment that makes a big impact—proving that less is more sometimes.

7) Welcome to the Future of HCM by Workday

This is one of those B2B video examples that uses every storytelling tool. Live-action, animation, kinetic text, and even stock photography and footage can be especially exciting, as we see in this Workday spot. By combining a variety of imagery, the pacing feels energetic and exciting as Workday walks us through their product benefits. 

8) Intro to Salesforce for Small Business by Salesforce

Good storytelling will always make your video more interesting. In this example, we see how small business owner Karl benefits from Salesforce’s tools. This approach adds a little levity—a great way to entertain and infuse a human element into a video. 

9) Slack Teams Do Amazing Things — “Traffic” by Slack

We’re a sucker for great 3D animation, so this Slack video is a dream. Filled with colorful, quirky animated characters (that also speak gibberish), Slack created a playful and slightly absurd world to showcase how their product helps companies run (particularly relevant if you are also crash-testing funky alien creatures at your job).

10) Grow Better With HubSpot by Hubspot

Many of the B2B video examples we’ve shown here appeal to our more playful sides. However, Hubspot zigs where others zag with this surprisingly emotional spot. Through beautiful collage-style visuals and simple VO, the spot is a call to “grow better” as businesses. We particularly love that they bravely plant a flag in their industry and invite you to come along with them.

11) Adobe Anthem by Adobe

Adobe creative tools invite users to follow their imagination, and this spot is a call to all—with no words. Set to the song “Pure Imagination” (famously sung by Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka), it’s a technicolor adventure through the beautiful visuals that can be made with the tool. This beautiful blend of sentimentality and encouragement makes for a particularly compelling video.

12) Turn Ordinary Workdays Into Extraordinary Experiences by ServiceNow

We love a theme, and this video shows how much personality you can pepper into a seemingly simple concept. This video is an energetic montage that places the word “now” into a variety of scenes. Beyond the creative visual treatments, the seamless editing makes it particularly energetic and exciting. 

13) Now What, That’s What by Mailchimp

Try as we might, we just can’t get over our brand crush on Mailchimp. They’re pros at injecting B2B with pure personality. They use empathy to showcase the frustrations of being a new business owner while offering the easy next steps to grow your business (using their product). It’s great, relatable content.

Tip: Empathetic marketing is particularly powerful. Find out how other brands have done it well.

14) A Kid’s Perspective of SAP by SAP

Not every B2B video has to promo a product/service. Video is actually one of the greatest ways to showcase your employer brand (aka your culture). SAP does this superbly in this equally adorable and entertaining video, which features the kids of SAP employees trying to describe what their parents do. Created to promote Take Your Child to Work Day, this video feels like a late-night show segment—not a piece of content from a B2B software solution company. Well done.

Tip: For more ideas to showcase your company culture, see our guide to culture marketing.

15) Meet Our Robotics Researchers at Bosch by Bosch

You wouldn’t necessarily think robotics researchers have the best sense of humor, so this video is a refreshing take. Bosch takes the time to show us what life is like in their labs, featuring real employees and their AI counterparts. 

How to Create Better B2B Video

If you’re inspired to start producing your own B2B videos, use these resources to create videos that tell your brand story the right way. 

And if you need help bringing your video ideas to life, follow our tips to find the right video agency for you. We’d be happy to chat, too.

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