101 Visually Stunning Interactive Infographics to Inspire You

by Katy French

81. “Is it Better to Rent or Buy?”

Like many other infographics on this list, the goal of this interactive by Mike Bostock, Shan Carter, and Archie Tse for the New York Times is educational; it helps viewers figure out whether they should rent or buy. The extent to which you can personalize this interactive is pretty impressive.

interactive infographics 81

82. “20th Century Authors”

Good writers keep good company. This interactive by Stardotstar shows how famous authors are connected.

interactive infographics 82

83. “Who’s Been Working in America?: An Exploration of 50 Years”

This interactive infographic by Periscopic for General Electric shows viewers the demographics of the American workforce over the past 50 years. 

interactive infographics 83

84. “U.S. Gun Deaths in 2013”

As the gun control debate rages on in America, this interactive by Periscopic presents the data related to deaths from gun violence in a powerful way: through time stolen from victims. 

interactive infographics 84

85. “We Are Sorry to Announce”

This interactive by Harry Stewardson explores the percentage of train delays in the UK over a 15-year period.

interactive infographics 85

86. “Major League Baseball Franchises”

Major League Baseball teams have enormous valuations, reaching into the billions. This interactive by Bloomberg breaks down each team’s value.

interactive infographics 86

87. “Supreme Court Decisions”

The Supreme Court rules on the most significant cases in the country, and it has varied in its leanings over the years. This interactive infographic by Column Five visualizes how the court has ruled (liberally or conservatively) since its beginnings. 

interactive infographics 87

88. “Top Secret America”

This interactive infographic brought to you by The Washington Post is an excellent example of web design and journalism intersecting. The interactive lets you explore the secret organizations of the nation as a whole, as well as individually.

interactive infographics 88

89. “Mapping Student Debt: How Borrowing for College Affects the Nation”

Collective student loan debt is up to $1.3 trillion. This interactive debt map by Marshall Steinbaum and Kavya Vaghul for the Washington Center for Equitable Growth illustrates the extent of this epidemic in our nation. 

interactive infographics 89

90. “The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes”

This interactive by Andrew Kahn for Slate shows the journey of millions of slaves through the centuries. The interactive can be paused and rewound, allowing viewers to click on individual journeys and see the beginning and ending of each destination, as well as the number of those enslaved.

interactive infographics 90

91. “Based on a True Story” by David McCandless

This interactive analyzes whether films “based on a true story” are, in fact, accurate. You can see scene-by-scene breakdowns comparing reality to fiction. 

interactive infographics 91

92. “15 Trillion Dollars of World trade”

This interactive by Owen Cornec for Harvard’s Center for International Development depicts an economic landscape of countries around the globe. It may take a moment to load, but there’s a lot of data coming together for this graphic, and it’s well worth the short wait.

interactive infographics 92

93. “Nuclear Notebook: Nuclear Arsenals of the World”

Nothing will scare you into a sleepless night like this interactive infographic by The Bulletin, which lets you see how the number of nuclear weapons has increased since the ’40s.  

interactive infographics 93

94. “Better Life Index”

This interactive by Moritz Stefaner shows the quality of life worldwide. Input the things that are important to you, and you’ll see which countries would give you the best quality of life. 

interactive infographics 94

95.  “Baseball Analytics, Chartball Style”

If you want to see a baseball player’s offensive stats all at once, you’ll love this interactive by Andrew Garcia Phillips. Featuring radar charts and single-player visualizations, it’s a deep dive into stats.

96. “Most Common Use of Time, By Age and Sex”

Time is a precious commodity, and we all use it in different ways. Here’s another Nathan Yau interactive that lets you see how you use your time compared to others. 

interactive infographics 96

97. “Your Life on Earth: How You and the World Have Changed Since You Were Born”

This interactive from BBC teaches you about yourself, as well as the world around you. Simply answer a few simple questions, then see the data on how have you changed, how has the world changed, and how have we changed the world.

interactive infographics 97

98. “HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness

This interactive, created by Paul Irish and Divya Manian, shows how HTML5 support has evolved since 2008. Let your nerd flag fly!

interactive infographics 98

99. “Beerocracy: Who Drinks the Most Beer Worldwide?”

People like infographics about beer almost as much as the real thing, so here’s another interactive by Retale that focuses on the world’s beer consumption. 

interactive infographics 99

100. “Deep Time”

If you weren’t paying attention in class, this interactive built by Jamie Brightmore breaks down time as we know it—visualizing the entire known history in a single clock. Learn about major events, eons, and everything else you slept through.

interactive infographics 100

101. “The Complete Sports Twitterverse”

Who are the most influential voices in sports? Find out, according to this visualization by Andrew Garcia Phillips, which visualizes the major sports players on Twitter.

interactive infographics 101

How to Make Your Own Interactive Infographics 

As you can see from this list, interactive infographics can take many forms and tell many stories. That said, great interactives aren’t created overnight. It takes a lot of skill, patience, and a dedicated team to create a truly great one. Luckily, you don’t have to wander into the woods blindly if you’re about to start your own project.

We’ve created many interactive infographics over the years, so we know what makes them work—and what can make the project go horribly wrong. To help you avoid the mistakes we made, here are some tips and resources to make the process easier from start to finish:

Remember that interactive infographic design is a highly specialized skill. If you’re not sure if you have the bandwidth or resources to pull it off, you might consider some expert help. If you’re on the hunt, here are a few questions to ask to vet a content agency. We’d also be happy to chat about any ideas you might have.

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