50 B2B Infographics That Prove B2B Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

by Katy French

Great infographics come from all industries, whether you’re a cloud computing company or a cupcake distributor. But it can be easy to fall into a design rut—especially if the topic feels less than inspiring. Still, there’s a lot you can do to turn your B2B infographics into creative pieces of content.

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The Top 50 B2B Infographics

Here, we’ve broken down 50 beautiful and inspiring infographics, arranged by design type. We hope it helps inspire you to think bigger with your B2B infographics.


Illustrations can do a lot to liven up even the most dull topics (no offense). From colorful characters to the full-on comic book treatment, these B2B infographics prove a little creativity can go a long way. (But no matter what your aesthetic is, make sure you avoid these 8 common design mistakes.)

 1) “The Future of Retail” by Forbes and Samsung

Best B2B infographics

2) “6 Ways to Attract a Fanatical Brand Following” by Get Satisfaction 

Best B2B infographics

3) “The Search for the Pink Unicorn” by Jobvite 
Best B2B infographics

4) “The Female Entrepreneur: Women Who Run Their World” by USC Marshall

Best B2B infographics

5) “Portrait of a Content Marketer” by Uberflip

Best B2B infographics

6) “B2B Social Marketing Universe” by Marketo

Best B2B infographics

7) “Snacking in the Office” by Papas Group

Best B2B infographics

 8) “The Staggering Cost of a Bad Hire” by Mindflash

Best B2B infographics

9) “Managing and Maintaining Team Solidarity with a Remote Office” by Villanova University
Best B2B infographics

10) “Corporate Culture Mindset” by NowSourcing
Best B2B infographics

11) “Software Development” by Toggl 
Best B2B infographics

12) “Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes” by SEOOneClick

Best B2B infographics

13) “Free the CIO” by the Lucidworks

Best B2B infographics

14) “Your Digital Marketing Roadmap” by Komplete

Best B2B infographics

15) “Happy Sales To You” by Microsoft

Best B2B infographics

16) “Cut Through B2B Information Overload with Effective Storytelling” by LookBook HQ/Beutler Ink
Best B2B infographics


Most infographics take the illustration route, but photography can be a nice change of pace—and you don’t have to go with a stock photo vibe either. Whether used to add personality to a graphic or incorporated into data visualization, there’s a lot more you can do with photography than you think. (For more inspiration, here are a few more types of unusual design treatments you can give your infographics.)

17) “Ascend to New Heights in Content Marketing” by Captora 

Best B2B Infographics 2846

18) “Paid Parental Leave Benefits” by Jobvite  

Best B2B infographics

19) “Sink or Swim” by Clarity
Best B2B infographics

20) “A Well-Balanced Blog” by LinkedIn
Best B2B infographics

21) “Mad Men of the Millennium” by Marketo 
Best B2B infographics

Data Visualization

Not all B2B infographics include data, but those that do are able to anchor a strong narrative around that data. And when it’s expertly designed, the story is that much stronger. These infographics show some of the best examples of data design, from minimal takes to stunning visualizations. (To make your data visualizations stronger, follow these 25 tips for data design.) 

22) “Bad Service Blues” by Get Satisfaction

Best B2B infographics

23) “Hospitals: How Well Do You Know Your Referral Patterns?” by Avalere Health Best B2B infographics

24) “Mobile Love” by Il Bureau Best B2B infographics

25) “Email Cheat Sheet” by Marketo Best B2B infographics 26) “Intelligency by Variety” by KapowBest B2B infographics

27) “Noob Guide to Online Marketing” by Unbounce Best B2B infographics

28) “Social Media in Business” by iStrategy
Best B2B infographics

29) “Why Aren’t Brands Accessing Online Video Ads?” by BuySellAds Best B2B infographics

30) “The Mobile Enterprise Project” by VMWareBest B2B infographics 31) “Banking Customer Experience” by Raconteur Best B2B infographics

32) “The Virtual Buying Boom” by BuySellAds

Best B2B infographics 33) “The Level Of Support Customers Expect From Online Retailers” by Zendesk Best B2B infographics

34) “When Should I Post This?” by Raka CreativeBest B2B infographics

35) “Humanizing Big Data” by AlteryxBest B2B infographics

36) “360 Degress of Retail Omni-Channel Marketing” by ThinkWrap Best B2B infographics 37) “Confidence Boost: Marketers Get More Savvy with Content Marketing” by LinkedIn Best B2B infographics

38) “Where’s the Value in Digital Marketing?” by Funnel Envy

Best B2B infographics 39) “Why Are People Afraid of E-Commerce?” by Site Jabber Best B2B infographics

40) “5 Best Practices to Travel Management Success” by SAPbest B2B infographics

41) “What Really Fosters Innovation” by Mindjet best B2B infographics

Information Design

Infographics are a fantastic way to communicate info, but they don’t always rely on data. Some depict other types of information, such as organizational structures or flow charts. More complicated charts can be a cluttered mess if done incorrectly, but these are perfect examples of logical flow and creative thinking. 

42) “How Graze Grew” by Google

Best B2B infographics

43) “Creating Brand Recognition for your Small Business” by Cooperhouse Best B2B infographics

44) “A Logic Tree” by Sprint

Best B2B infographics 45) “What Type of Leader Are You?” by Headway Capital Best B2B infographics 46) “Anatomy of the Perfect Banner Ad” by BuySellAds Best B2B infographics

47) “The Mixology of Content Marketing” by JBH Best B2B infographics

48) Which Marketing Strategies Should Your Startup Focus On?” by Ranky/BacklinkoBest B2B infographics

49) “The Small Business Checklist” by ContactME

Best B2B infographics

50) “The Most important SAAS Metrics” By RJ Metrics

Best B2B infographics

No matter what type of B2B infographics you’re creating, it’s important to follow best practices at every stage, from copywriting to distribution. For more tips on creating better infographics:

But if you still need a little help, we’re always happy to chat.

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