Interactive E-book: The Content Marketer’s Guide to Brand Video

by Katy French

If you don’t have video in your content mix, you’re missing out. It’s simpler to make than ever, and people really want to see it. (A 2014 Levels Beyond survey found that 51% of millennials would rather watch a video than read.) Now is definitely the time to dive in.

But we know you might be a little intimidated (or overwhelmed) to start, and you probably have a lot of questions. We’re here to help.

Our new interactive e-book, The Content Marketer’s Guide to Brand Video, covers everything (seriously, everything) you’ve ever wanted to know about brand video but were too shy to ask, including:

  • Why are humans biologically wired for video?
  • How can brands use video to deliver a strong message?
  • What makes a truly great brand video?
  • How do you measure the ROI of video?
  • What does it take to produce video?
  • How should you act on set?

It’s all there, plus great data, pro tips, and great examples of brand video. We also made it interactive so you can skip to the stuff you want to know—and bookmark it when you want to come back. Click below to check it out now. 

brand video

And if there’s anything we didn’t answer, we’d be happy to chat.

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