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Agile Marketing Outperforms Industry CTR by 155%

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How do you test market demand in a cost-effective way? With an intelligent test-and-learn approach.

Like all brands, we want our business decisions to be data-based. In 2023, we were interested in expanding our services to create a new AI marketing venture called Copper Key. The problem? We didn’t have enough data to determine if this would be the right move. To find out, we decided to create a new proprietary agile content marketing process to test market demand for Copper Key—and use this smart, repeatable testing system for future campaigns.

Marketing guessing games are long gone. 

We didn’t want to rely on gut feelings, so we sought to build a strategy that would clearly answer a key question: Could we successfully roll out our Copper Key AI services to provoke leads? We wanted to get the answer quickly and—most importantly—cost-effectively with a simple paid media campaign.

To build the strategy, we started with research into possible markets, competitors, personas, pain points, etc. From there, we determined our campaign goals, messaging, creative assets, and channel. Most importantly, we determined measurable OKRs to ensure these lean campaigns would generate insightful data.

The key to success: test, test, test.  

To maximize spend and efficiency, we deployed three campaign sprints, which ran for two weeks each. (We relied heavily on A/B testing messaging and creative that spoke to unique persona pain points.) Each sprint included aggressive checkpoints to review data, iterate, and adjust spend to improve results. This approach allowed us to narrow down our spread to the most relevant audiences by optimizing our ad efficacy, refining our audience size, and flagging issues before they muddied our data.

With this agile marketing approach, we were able to successfully improve our results in real-time to get quick market feedback—without wasting spend.

We effectively improved results as each campaign outperformed the previous, and our campaigns ultimately outperformed the industry average 0.68%* CTR by an impressive 155%.

  • 1st run: 3.54% CTR 
  • 2nd run: 4.06% CTR
  • 3rd run: 5.45% CTR

*Industry Average CTR for Awareness Ad Campaigns on LinkedIn (per The Verdict 2.0 Report by Directive) 

Ultimately, this low-risk, high-reward approach gave us the insight we needed to guide our larger business decision.

We ultimately decided to merge our AI services into our existing core business to maximize our offerings, saving us time and money in building out a fully separate venture. Our learnings also gave us valuable insight into our audience’s needs and drivers. Best of all, this endeavor helped us create a tried-and-true testing process we can use for our clients and our own campaigns in the future.  

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