How Your Company Culture Can Help Your Content Marketing

by Travis Keith

A business is more than a compilation of spreadsheets or even a specific product/service. A business is more personal, more human. It’s a collection of minds, personalities, and attitudes. These human elements subconsciously communicate to customers WHY your business exists. Simon Sinek said it best, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it, and what you do simply proves what you believe.”

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To express humanity, businesses often will create company values, mission statements, or codes of ethics. They do this in order to establish a clear and authentic vision that will permeate across all areas of the organization. Now that we understand why culture is so important to a business, the question becomes how is culture related to content marketing? Content is simply the method that a company’s culture is expressed. Articles, videos, infographics, and data visualizations are all methods used to tell a brand’s story.

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Good content effectively communicates who you are and what you do in a genuine way. Thus, your culture is the key to creating great content. To help provide more actionable insight into this idea, we’ve teamed up with our sister company, Visage, to create an e-book on how to use culture to create impactful brand content. This e-book discusses why culture matters, explains how to identify your cultural core, and offers great tips to help direct your ideation process. A lot of our partners express their challenges in creating quality content or coming up with actionable content ideas. In these situations, we often ask them to revisit what they consider important from a cultural perspective to help spark new ideas that resonate with their company’s culture.

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